Skidata and Odoo - the perfect match
Ticket booking via sales orders and web shop

SKIDATA is the partner for professional admission and access management. The products and services promise individuals and vehicles a prompt and secure access to skiing areas, shopping malls, airports, sport stadiums, fairs, amusement parks and more. 

Those innovative solutions we integrated in Odoo through our SKIDATA-module for Odoo v13. Therefore, we are able to transact trouble free sales via the sales module, which are free from media breakage and can be run directly through Odoo's web shop.

Besides creating and cancelling tickets, an inquiry about the ticket's status ( e.g. 
for evaluation purposes or to check if a ticket is still cancellable) is also possible.

Through the SKIDATA-menu, it's possible to configure ticket types, person types and areas.


Additionally, products can be compiled, that depict a SKIDATA ticket.

SKIDATA und Odoo - Produkt anlegen

Tickets can be compiled manually or through a sales order. If a ticket is created through a sales order, it can only be validated once the payment is recorded.

Creation via the SKIDATA-module:

SKIDATA und Odoo - Erstellung über SKIDATA-Modul

Creation via a sales order (here additional information is requested when depositing the product in a pop-up):

SKIDATA und Odoo - Erstellung über Verkaufsauftrag

The connection of various modules (via Smart-Buttons or alternative links) in Odoo enable it to efficiently carry out the complete ticket sales process of sales via E-Commerce or sales-module, payment transactions, invoicing, accounting and statistics.

GS1 SSCC-Labels
Generating SSCC-labels with the Odoo warehouse management