Import of product data in the datanorm format for workshops

Datanorm is a file format for the data exchange of article master data between suppliers, wholesalers and workshops in the sanitary, heating and electrical industry.

With our Datanorm module, article master data of your partners can be imported effortlessly.

Scope of functions

Here are all the functions that the Datanorm module takes into account:

  • Import of Datanorm files in Datanorm standard v5 (v4 currently under development)

  • Automated fetching of data packages from different sources (REST, FTP, upload)

  • Optional possibility to import media files as well

  • Possibility to restrict to certain manufacturers within a datanorm file

  • Consideration and regular update of raw material markups

  • Summary of products based on GTIN even with different Datanorm sources

  • Overview of the status of all import processes

Module customizations

Since our clients with Datanorm connection usually manage a large number of articles, we have also adapted the directly affected modules. This concerns for example:

  • An optimization of the search function to ensure efficiency.

  • A module that automatically calculates sales prices based on markups on the purchase price per product category.

Tool screenshots


Integration of all fields transmitted via Datanorm into the product view:

Cash Register
Cash register security regulation and Odoo