The world's leading business software for 1 to 100,000 employees. The modular open-source ERP system for all business processes and needs. 

Odoo - Anwendungsfall

Modules for every use case

Everything you need, with a world-class user experience. Odoo offers a wide range of modules, from e-commerce to sales, purchasing, manufacturing and marketing modules. In addition, Odoo can be extended with custom modules developed for you as well as modules developed by the Odoo community. Thus, all the requirements that your business brings with it can be mapped effortlessly.  

Odoo - Funktionsumfang und Benutzerfreundlichkeit

Functionality and ease of use

Despite the immense range of functions, with which even the requirements of multinational companies can be mapped, Odoo's web interface is self-explanatory and attractively designed. Your users will love Odoo.

Odoo - User

Grows with your requirements

Odoo can already be used for one user at a reasonable price (18€ per month). Additional users and modules can be activated step by step without incurring large fixed costs.

Why SUPPLiot?

We became aware of Odoo because we were originally looking for a solution for our ideal company management ourselves. Odoo convinced us so much that we included it in our product portfolio. In the meantime, we are Odoo Silver Partner in Austria, have employed several experts for Odoo, completed successful projects in medium-sized Austrian companies and see Odoo as one of our core competencies.

Our experience in logistics is a perfect combination for a successful, efficient and conscientious implementation of the best ERP system in the world. 

As a local partner - situated in Vienna - we speak your language, understand your problems, concerns and requirements and take care of each customer individually.