Collect the data you want...

Our system is able to process the data you need to make business decisions and ensure product quality

...from the devices you define

We have several predefined interfaces available to hook directly into your sensors.
For new links, we provide a standardized interface or we can even hook into your services.

Keep track of your items...

Goods are moving through several warehouses and transportation units? No problem, we utilize scanner-data (barcode, rfid, etc.) to define relevant sensors.

...without exploding costs.

As sensors do not have to be attached to each single tracked item but rather to logistics-units, we are able to track the data you want with minimal impact to the environment and your budget.

We collect data
from your existing devices

Most of our clients already have systems in place to collect data like GPS or Temperature.
We collect your data (and your logistics-providers data) and normalize it, so you have all the data
in one place. To make decisions instantly.
If you do not collect data at all right now, don't worry, we can cover you too!


Temperature sensitive goods like pharmaceuticals, hazmat, perishables can be monitored


Do you want to track down at which point the paper roll you've sent was damaged? Or do you want to even avoid these damages? We can help you by including humidity sensors.



Going in and out of your warehouses, we use scanner-data to tell you the position of your freight. On the road, we use GPS-data. If you provide planning-data we can even inform you and your clients about Estimated Times of Arrival!


Want to see what happened to your freight while in a warehouse? We combine Videostreams with position-data!

Display your combined data in one dashboard

We show you all the information you need in one dashboard.


After uploading your data to our cloud-services, you can see all information regarding specific shipments or even Products (grouped by SSCCs). Just search for one shipment and we'll deliver to you all the information available like Estimated Time of Arrival, Temperature, Humidity, Status, etc.


Great features

We developed our software after spending months of requirements engineering with industry leaders.


GAMP5 and HACCP Compliant

SUPPLIoT was developed with regards to the pharmacy and food industry. We are ensuring a development and deployment process that is compliant with the GAMP5 Guideline as issued by ISPE. We also offer workshops for implementing your software GAMP5 compliant into your processes.


Alerting when necessary

The truck you've booked has left the specified route? The reefer unit was configured to cool down to -20°C instead of heating to +15°C? The data-logging module is not working correctly? Our system will check all your shipments every 5 minutes and send an alert via E-Mail, SMS or API to you!



We've built SUPPLIoT with your development team in mind. Our data can be accessed via rich APIs. Also we offer standardized APIs for sending us your shipment data, scanner data and sensor data. If you have specific API-requirements for your data, we can hook into your services.


And many more

Fine grained roles-controll, Sensor availability alerts, multimodal transportation, backup-possibilities... are these some of your requirements? We've got you covered. Please contact our sales-team and we will be happy to explain to you our whole scope of benefits

Our Team

We are a team of specialists, both in the world of I(o)T and Logistics.

Robert Förster

The founder of SupplIoT and CEO. Robert grew up in the logistics business and studied Logistics and Transportation Management and Software Engineering.

Christoph Müllner

Technical engineer and CTO - for all the complex algorithms that happen behind the scene of SupplIoT

Bernhard Punz

Software developer with a masters degree in software security

Bianca Bauer

Project Management and Controlling

Robert Förster sen.

With his knowledge of the transportation industry, especially temperature sensitive freight, he guides the team through the challenges of cold-chain-monitoring.

Get started with 4 simple steps

For small-sized projects you'll be up and running in just a few minutes. With bigger projects we will be happy to assist you to implement your data into our cloud.


Head to to sign-up and let SUPPLIoT send you your login credentials. Developers can find our API-documentation at

Add your existing telematics-providers

Click on “Add new provider” to enter credentials for your telematic provider. We will auto-provision all necessary settings and ask you for the loggers to be imported and tracked.

Add an item

Items are objects that you want to keep track of. For easier handling, you can group items using Single Shipping Containers (i.e. pallets or cartons) and add environment variables that need to be maintained.

Scan item onto asset and start tracking

Scan your item onto one of your or your partners assets and see sensor information immediately down to itemlevel - even if the items are transshipped multiple times.


We established a very flexible pricing to fit your size!

  • Sensors-Only
  • For companies that only want their sensor data in one place, you can hook in your existing IoT applications into our cloud-service and controll them in one place.
    You can also authorize your clients to track your sensor data with their account.
  • Up to 3 data sources
  • Dashboards
  • Request Quote
  • Standard
  • For companies with up to 200 shipments per month, using standardized interfaces.
  • Up to 3 sensor-data-sources
  • Dashboards
  • Connect your shipments with IoT-Data
  • Alerts if deviation occurs
  • Standardized interfaces
  • Customer Support via email
  • Request Quote
  • Premium
  • For companies with high volumes of shipments and specific requirements
  • Unlimited Data-Sources
  • Dashboards
  • Connect your shipments with IoT-Data
  • Alerts if deviation occurs
  • Individual Interfaces
  • GAMP5 compliant
  • Customer Support via telephone
  • Request Quote

Contact Us

We will be happy to assist you for evaluation of our product or any other questions.

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We are a innovative company, based in a small city nearby Vienna, Austria. Our mission is to deliver software that actually meets business requirements while improving processes of logistics-companies.

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