Odoo v14 und Outlook-Kalender

Nutzen Sie die Möglichkeiten von Odoo und verbinden Sie Odoo mit Office 365

Odoo offers with the latest version v14 the possibility to synchronise calendar entries with Office 365. This synchronisation offers several advantages, including the ability to use Odoo's scheduling app efficiently, as only appointments that have not already been scheduled in Outlook are available to your customers for booking.

Unfortunately, there is no information in the current Odoo documentation on how to integrate a calendar. In the following blog post we describe the necessary steps for administrators and users and point out the biggest pitfalls.

​Initial setup as administrator

To set up Odoo as an administrator, you need the admin credentials for your Office 365 account. 

To connect Odoo and Office 365 we first need to do some configuration in Office 365. To do this:

  • Open the website https://portal.azure.com/ and log in with your administrator access data.

  • Navigate to the menu item "Azure Active Directory".Odoo V14 und Outlook Kalender - Azure Active Directory

  • Select "App registrations" in the menu on the left and click on "New registration" in the menu at the topOdoo V14 und Outlook Kalender - App Registrierungen / Neue Registrierung

  • Under Name, assign a unique name for your integration, e.g. "OdooKalender".

  • For "Supported account types", select "Accounts in any organisation directory (any Azure AD directory - multi-instance capable).

  • For the redirect URI, select the entry "Web" in the dropdown and enter the path to your Odoo database (e.g. https://test.odoo.com%29/ + the path "microsoft_account/authentication" as the redirect URL (i.e. a total of e.g. https://test.odoo.com/microsoft_account/authentication).Odoo V14 und Outlook Kalender - Umleitungs-URI

  • Click Register to confirm your entry

  • You can now copy the "Application ID (Client)" and save it for later

  • Now click on "Certificates & Secrets" in the menu on the left and create a new "Client Key".Odoo V14 und Outlook Kalender - Neuer geheimer Clientschlüssel

  • Give the client key any name, select a suitable validity period (e.g. Never) and confirm the pop-up window

  • Copy the newly created value for your client key and save it

Next, we switch to your Odoo instance.

  • Go to the Settings app and scroll to the "Integration" tab. Activate the option "Outlook Calender" and enter the previously cached values for Client ID (=application ID) and Client Secret (=client key):Odoo V14 und Outlook Kalender - Outlook Calendar

  • Save the settings

The basic set-up from an administrative point of view is now complete.

Initial setup as a user

To link your calendar with Odoo as a user:

  • Open the Calendar app and select "Sync with Outlook" in the right-hand window (below the monthly calendar).

  • The Outlook page opens and you can log in with your Office 365 user data

  • The set up is completed

Good to know

  • Synchronisation period: Odoo performs the synchronisation as a scheduled task with a default setting of 12 hours interval. If you want a shorter interval, the scheduled task must be adjusted via the administrator settings.

  • User cannot be linked: Check whether you have opened your Odoo instance in a private window in the browser. If Odoo is opened via a private (incognito) window, the authentication does not work correctly and the calendar link is created for the public user in the background.

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