Equipment maintenance in Odoo

Manage and maintain your inventory in Odoo.

In order for all processes of a company to run smoothly and for employees to be able to fulfil their operational tasks in the best possible way, a variety of equipment, materials and aids are needed in everyday work. 

To get or keep a good overview, a management solution is helpful. For this reason, we have created an optimised solution for the management and maintenance of inventory in Odoo. 

Inventory overview

Have an overview of your company's inventory at all times, so that you always know where something is, always have enough items in stock, can order supplies in good time or keep to all maintenance cycles.

Here is an overview of inventory that can be managed with our solution:   

IT equipment 

PCs, laptops, keyboards, mice, charging cables & others


digitale Lizenzen mit bestimmter Laufzeit


verschiedene Materialien zum Ver- und Gebrauch (z. B. Arbeitskleidung, Sicherheitsausstattung etc.)

Advertising materials

Inserts and editions of pens, notepads, USB sticks & others

Four reasons for our inventory management

Overview at the touch of a button

Get an overview of your inventory at any time at the touch of a button - e.g. as a basis for inventory valuation.

More efficiency 

Regularly maintained equipment generates less downtime, which keeps efficiency high.

​On-/Offboarding of employees

Rely on clean onboarding and offboarding of HR resources, including reports.

Sustainable procurement decisions

Create a solid decision-making basis for sustainable acquisitions.

Odoo module: Maintenance

In order to stay as close as possible to the Odoo standard with our solution, we have started with the Odoo module "Maintenance" and extended it with functions that are relevant in practice. 

You can get an overview of the standard range of functions of the Odoo module "Maintenance" here

​Inventory Management Plus  

Our additional functions at a glance: 

  • Extended meta information (e. g. image, keywords*, manufacturer*)
  • Consumable tracking (e. g. storage/issue of advertising material)
  • Simplified withdrawal of inventory incl. depositing of a reason*.
  • configuration of various parameters (marked with *) and their characteristics
  • optimised, traceable equipment issue and return
    • confirmation by signature (incl. report as receipt)
    • separate remarks field
    • Output status

More information at a single view

Our solution makes it possible to store equipment pictures and also to create and enter further information such as keywords or manufacturers. 

The inventory overview also gains clarity through the additional information: 


Consumables tracking

Already out of branded pens to hand out as promotional items at next week's trade fair? A colleague has lost his safety gloves and they have to be reordered? The hand disinfectant dispensers should always be filled up, but the disinfectant has run out and no one has noticed? 

None of this should happen. For this reason, we have included in our equipment management solution that storage and withdrawal of various consumables can be easily tracked.  

Reason for withdrawal

If inventory has to be discarded, it is possible to create a reason for discarding. The various reasons for disposal can be created and managed: 

If the equipment is currently issued to a user, the system asks whether the inventory should be taken back.  

​Optimised issue and return of inventory

If one or more inventory items are issued, they can be selected and provided with further information such as terms of use (e.g. if private use is permitted). 

After assigning a user and setting the issue date, the signature of the person can be obtained directly, confirming the takeover. Finally, an issue report can be printed and handed out. The process is also documented in Odoo.  

The procedure is similar for taking back inventory. It is possible to add a comment (e. g. on the condition) and a final report can also be displayed here. 


You want to manage your inventory in Odoo in future?

We're happy to hear that! 😊 Contact us to get a no-obligation demo as well as a quote. 

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