Navigating through ERP projects

What lies ahead for me?

The decision to introduce an ERP system for the first time or to replace an existing legacy system is in many cases a strategic one that looks to the future. 

ERP project: Challenge accepted

Whoever decides on an ERP project faces a challenge. So how do you get started?  

Besides the obvious advantages, there are also reservations and risks that should ideally be dealt with before the project starts. 


​Increasing efficiency

Process optimisation in the course of an ERP project also improves efficiency.

Data creates knowledge

A solid database enables good business decisions.


Modern ERP systems remain flexible and grow with the requirements of an SME.

Future viability

An ERP system means digitalisation and is an investment in the future.


Missing resources

An ERP implementation is an investment and requires resources such as time and money. 

Excessive demands

If companies want to manage the implementation themselves and on the side, it can be too much and fail.  

As you can see, for us the advantages clearly outweigh the disadvantages and these are just a few that we could name. So in most cases, the introduction of an ERP system is to be recommended. 

Every IT project means change and creating change is often a challenge in practice. 

Are you facing this challenge and can't see the wood for the trees? That's where we want to help!

How to ERP

Once you have decided to implement an ERP system or to replace a legacy system, many questions arise. We hope that our series "Navigating ERP projects" will help you to find your way around them.  

Where do I currently stand?

Gain a clear view of the current situation. Our checklist or your own preliminary project can help.

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Where do I want to go with it?

Know the necessary requirements on the way to the target state. This is where the GAP analysis process comes in.

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Which ERP tool is right for me?

A multitude of ERP providers on the market makes the decision difficult.

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What do I need?

Create awareness for the necessary resources.

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